Strolling You

Strolling You

Remote workshop (2pm July 17th 2021) in International Walking Arts Encounters/Conference


Guy Debord said, « Psychogeography is the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals ». The urban situation affects individual strolling but also depends on individual condition, such as gender, nationality, and age, each person experience differently in the same place.

As an Asian woman in Europe, my strolling often ends up with encounters with local men who commit sexual harassment just for fun. Unfortunately, this experience can’t be understood by privileged people, so I made a game “Strolling Cat” to make them virtually experience and sympathize with other people’s inconveniences.

In this workshop, I propose a remote performance workshop about virtually understanding other’s urban experiences.


Before the workshop,

1. Each participant prepares a short video of 3min taken during their walk.
2. Send the video via [email protected] before workshop.

During the workshop,

1. Exchange your video with other participants.
2. Narrate a given video pretending his/her own experience.
3. Let's make a small mod from "Strolling Cat". Play Fullscreen


· Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography by Guy Debord read
· Salvaging Situationism: Race and Space by Andrea Gibbons read

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